This super-clean vodka cocktail is our new go-to beverage

The alcohol industry is booming with all manner of tasty pre-mixes at the moment – every flavour imaginable seems to be at our fingertips! While we have been committed to taste-testing all of the new releases (all for the benefit of our loyal readers, of course!) we’ve noticed our waistlines don’t seem to share our tastebuds’ appreciation for alcoholic sweet treats, and the subsequent sugar crashes can be worse than a hangover. So, we are so delighted to announce the latest release from Premium Liquor Co: Hint New Zealand Vodka!

We no longer need to compromise on taste or cleanliness when it comes to a fruity beverage; Hint is the lowest-calorie (only 66 cal!) vodka pre-mix cocktail on the NZ market, and made from 100% natural, local ingredients! Sip away knowing you’re not consuming unnecessary artificial sweeteners, and that you’re supporting a sophisticated Kiwi company dedicated to doing the right thing

Hint is available in three crisp, tasty flavor profiles: Watermelon, Feijoa and Citrus. All three are worth a try!

We’re loving this refreshing concept and the resultant refreshing beverage, and we’ll be happily imbibing with Hint as our guilt-free drink of choice all spring and summer-long!