Take a walk in the iClouds

Instead of a holidays that celebrates parting with our technology, how about a unique vacation that brings you closer to your beloved gadgets?

Located in Istanbul, Cloud.7 is a tech savvy destination especially designed for young travelers who love to stay connected with not only their social media, but with other travelers and the local community.

The place works like a hotel, featuring rooms- also known as clouds, a gym, a snack bar and a social hub. Much like the software ‘iCloud’, which everyone with an Apple device is familiar with, the cloud rooms celebrate the existence of wireless technology.

The showers have Bluetooth speakers to keep you entertained, the room provides a Smart TV or Apple TV and Netflix – so you can Netflix and chill in style from across the world. If you want to take a break from blogging- go jogging! And if that doesn’t keep you busy, there is a receptionless ground floor social hub where you can meet like-minded and connected travelers from all around the globe. You can even use your photo to scan and purchase artworks you like around your room if you want a souvenir.

Cloud.7’s website offers a virtual tour around their rooms, giving you a life like experience. Head here to check it out!


photo source: jasminkodzha.com, http://www.cloud7hotels.com