Semble: New Zealand’s first mobile wallet, & your chance to win the new Samsung Galaxy Note5 mobile phone

[video src="" size="auto"] There are some things your phone should be used for, and some that it just shouldn't. The new app, Semble, is helping to ensure that your important wee piece of technology can be used for more than status updates, cute cat videos, and hopefully absolutely nothing featured at the start of the above video! So far you can associate Semble with quick, easy and secure payments, and jumping on and off the bus without having to do the frantic morning Snapper card search – and that’s just the beginning. Semble is on its way to incorporating things like loyalty cards, special offers, transport cards, building access and more. Once you’re part of the crew and have the app on your phone, you’ll be the first to know when all these new tips and tricks are implemented. With this awesome new app, we figured one of our lucky Remix readers deserved an awesome new phone to match!

We’re giving away one of the coolest new gadgets on the market – a Samsung Galaxy Note5 Gold Platinum phone, valued at $1299.

All you have to do to be in the draw is comment below with the weirdest thing you’ve ever used your phone for. We’ll draw the winner in two weeks time. Good luck! Head here for more info