Get satisfied with BurgerFuel’s newest addition to their burger collection

Looking for your next burger bite indulgence? BurgerFuel’s Wild Heart burger has been consciously created with a purpose. In partnership with Citizen Collective, WithWild and the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, Wild Heart is a burger designed to challenge perceptions around food waste in Aotearoa and is out now for a limited time only. 

Via @burgerfuel

100% locally sourced, Wild Heart includes a WithWild Fiordland Wapiti venison patty sprinkled with The Four Sauceman BBQ black rub, melted truffle mascarpone, locally grown shredded wonky carrots, crisp mesclun salad, grated beetroot with chia seeds, and drizzled with Citizen’s rich, rescued Central Otago cherry sauce and BurgerFuel Aioli - all housed between their new, limited edition, rescued artisan wholemeal buns. 

Via @burgerfuel

Because you can't have a burger without a refreshing drink, add the Rescued Cherry Cola to your order. Every can of Rescued Cherry Cola will save 23 perfectly good cherries from going to waste. Wild Heart will not only satisfy your burger craving but help BurgerFuel chip away at their mission to minimise their environmental impact as well as support the work the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation is doing in our National Parks. With a sell-out of Wild Heart, 4.3 tonnes of WithWild Fiordland Wapiti will have been rescued, as well as 102,000kgs of Citizen Central Otago Cherries, 160kgs of repurposed Citizen ‘bread-bread mash’ and 300kgs of broken locally grown carrots. 


Available until 31st July, or until stock lasts, the Wild Heart burger will not only satisfy you but support the world of Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, and what’s better than that?