A cafe we're 'Chuffed' about: High Street's newest addition

Words and photography by Lauren Matilda Matthews from The Kitchen Collective. It has been said, ‘High Street has had its day’, but I would have to disagree.  As well as High Street still buzzing with a hive of activity and brand new Top Shop around the corner, there is now the opening of Chuffed. Chuffed is the city’s newest addition, brimming with delicious fare, expertly brewed coffee and a ton of personality. After a short wander through what looks like an office foyer, you’ll be greeted with a colourful hand-painted mural, welcoming you to the eclectic café within. Bar seating, and a large shared table is all that the indoor area can manage, yet the seating options continue with a large covered courtyard/deck out the back – made cosy thanks to the roaring fire. The food here is really something else - simplistic and modern, yet full of flavour. Head chef, James Kenny, has taken inspiration from his stint overseas in Europe and Melbourne, which includes working under the fiery Gordon Ramsay. Now, I wouldn’t normally be happy to settle on the cabinet offerings of a café, but in this instance I absolutely would. Jam-packed full of imaginative treats, and not-so-boring sandwiches such as terakihi, sweet corn and chicory or a beautiful bowl of coconut risotto topped with vanilla, blueberries, cinnamon and walnuts – this vibrant culinary display really puts other cafés to shame. For research sake however, noting that I’ll be back to demolish every option in the cabinet, I couldn’t look past the homemade crumpets. There are a few options to adorn these classic British breakfast cakes, and after much umming and ahhing,  I decided on the smoked fish. This smoked fish wasn’t what I had imagined, nor what I was used to; it came as a perfect whole fillet lightly smoked in-house, moist and flaky. Atop sat two superbly poached eggs, the whole dish doused in melted butter, generously speckled with black flecks due to a healthy dose of fresh vanilla. Liquid offerings include a homemade soda, new creations available regularly; they are also patiently awaiting their liquor license. But, what’s true to owner Soctt McLean’s heart is coffee. Within the next month he will be at the helm of his own roastery importing beans from across the globe to create his own blend. And using single origin beans for V60, pour over and cold drip brews. Currently they are only open during the week to cater for the city slickers, I'm sure hoping they rethink opening the weekend too. After all, I think whiling away a Saturday morning after a hefty night out at Chuffed would be an excellent decision. Especially, as I often do, need to regain composure, over fantastic fare and equally good coffee, after some poor decision making the night prior. Make sure you follow Chuffed here - they have some exciting plans underway, and by no means, do you want to miss out! [gallery ids="3738,3739,3740,3741,3742"] .