Four tips to create a killer Instagram feed

In the age of social media, it seems like everyone is trying to become the next big thing on Instagram and why wouldn't they be? We all know internet A-listers get invited to the most exclusive events, sent the best clothes and visit the most exotic places. The only question is, where do you even start. 

If you've ever tried to make a name for yourself on social media you'll know the importance of having a killer feed; cohesive, quality photos are the thing that really draws in the numbers. Prominent fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song (@songofstyle), Julie Sarinara (@sincerelyjules) and Mary Seng (@happilygrey) are all perfect examples of girl bosses that have mastered the art of creating a flawless Instagram theme. If you look at these pages, you'll notice a couple of key details that all these accounts have in common. Cohesive colour schemes, an eye for detail and an indisputable eye for fashion. 

If getting on the social media bandwagon sounds like something you'd like to do or if you're dreaming of becoming an influencer, read on, because we have the tips to get you there. 

1. Good lighting is crucial.
Trust me I know, this tip is something that every instagrammer seems to be constantly preaching. However I still feel obliged to put it at number one because it's just so damn important. Good lighting is key to making your photo's look professional and when done consistently, helps to tie your entire feed together. So take advantage of that midday sun or wait for what Kylie Jenner coined the "golden hour" for selfies, otherwise known as that time of day right before sunset.

2. Be bold with your fashion content.
When there are about a million and one accounts pumping out a steady stream of OOTD's, making a name for yourself in the fashion community means taking some risks. Instead of sticking to plain jeans and T-shirts, try to create a really distinct style for yourself. It'll be more likely to draw in like minded followers and inspire those looking at your posts.


Street style snapped at the @mulberryengland show?? by @michaelatphotos ? MORE PICS AT @perksofher ??

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3. Flat-lays are you new best friend.
If your selfies aren't quite cutting it and none's around to take your OOTD, flat-lays are a great way to keep your gram looking stylish with minimal effort. To make your flat-lays look more cohesive and professional, have a stalk of your favourite fashion accounts. Saving your favourite posts from other bloggers can help give you a clearer idea of what you're wanting to create and make your first attempts look more professional. 

4. Make the most of going out.
Regardless of who your online style icon is, chances are they have a couple of pictures that have been taken outside of their home. When you're going out, think about where you might have an opportunity to snap a quick picture for the gram to add some variation to your content, instead of mindlessly picking a location. Whether you're going out for brunch, having a beach day or just taking a quick walk, there are plenty of picturesque places just waiting to be photographed. 



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By taking advantage of these four tips, you'll have a envy inducing feed in no time at all. And who knows, you might just end up being the next big thing to hit Instagram.