Here's how we know it's Christmas season: The best Fricken Roast on the block

BFD Fricken Roast Remix 1000x700pxFor some people the start of Christmas means putting up the tree, for others it means the end of work. For Aucklanders, it means the appearance of the massive Santa Claus on Queen Street (Phew! He’s back this year!). For us at Remix, the start of the festive season is the release of the BurgerFuel Christmas burger. We’re not lying; there’s a BurgerFuel right across from our office and they keep us fed on photoshoots, so the Christmas burger is a pretty big deal for us. This year that burger is the Fricken Roast. 100% free range chicken seasoned with rosemary and garlic, crumbed pumpkin, carrot, chickpea and ginger bites, cranberry sauce and… get this… gravy. Yes, like actual gravy from your mum’s roast! To try out the Fricken Roast, BurgerFuel invited us along to their HQ for lunch this week. The BurgerFuel offices in Grey Lynn have recently been renovated and they’ve added a secret, state-of-the-art kitchen laboratory. The lab is where the BurgerFuel chefs create all the latest specials, trialling out what works and what doesn’t and using the BurgerFuel HQ team as taste testers. From this epicentre, the world’s BurgerFuel menus are created. Anyway, we had a tour and watched the BurgerFuel chefs make the Fricken Roast up close. Then we got to try it! It’s ridiculously good, so make sure you head along to BurgerFuel this festive season to give it go. There’s bound to be a few late night Christmas parties, after which this baby will hit the spot. You’ll also be getting on board BurgerFuel's support of ethical farming by using 100% free range chicken in all their burgers… it’s a fricken good cause, because caged birds fricken sucks. You can now save time and get straight to the pick-up line by ordering your BurgerFuel fix online here or through the BurgerFuel app which you’ll find in your app store! Click here to follow BurgerFuel on Facebook for all their latest updates.