The new boot camp that earns you a beer

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a busy social life is a juggling act that throws many off the #fitspo bandwagon and sees them reaching for fistfuls of fries during a 3am Maccas run at the end of a night out. For others, keeping fit means staying well away from their beverage of choice in pursuit of a whittled waist and shredded abs. 

Thankfully, Heineken's latest offering is bringing back a sense of balance to those who want the best of both worlds - one where you can have your beer and drink it too. 

Heineken Light is a mere 72 calories per bottle (equivalent to a medium-sized apple), and contains half the calories and carbs as Heineken 5%. 

To celebrate, Heineken has collaborated with fitness enthusiast Art Green and personal trainer to the stars Sean Hughes to form the bespoke Heineken Light Bootcamp that is designed to burn approximately 72 calories every ten minutes. 

The 30-minute high intensity circuit gets your heart rate pumping with functional body weight exercises, including squats, bicycle crunches, and push-ups. By the time you're through, you would have earned the equivalent of three Heineken Light's given the number of calories you torched. 

The Heineken Light Bootcamp is available to both existing gym members and the general public at Auckland's Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Club from now until 15 December. While members are able to show up to the sessions at any time, non-members will be offered guest passes to the club that are valid until the last class takes place. 

To try it out for yourself, head along to Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Club in Parnell on these dates: 
Tuesday 13 December: 4.45pm - 5.30pm
Thursday 15 December: 4.45pm - 5.30pm

Side note: non-members should email to ensure spaces are available, and will need to arrive 20-minutes before the class to sign a health form before being issued a guest pass to the gym. 

Check out how sweaty Team Remix got in Art's session below: