Celebrate International Coffee Day with these epic coffee accessories!

We don't really need a reason to celebrate coffee (we sing its praises every morning as it transforms us into functional, happy humans) but there's a whole day for it, anyway!! International Coffee Day is October 1st, and to celebrate this all-important wonder-drink, we've rounded up some must-have products for every coffee lover!

Cool Beans (literally!) ice cube trays

Team Cold Brew will be aaall about these! Fill and freeze these trays with coffee so you'll never have to compromise between optimum chill and a watered down coffee again! Grab them for a 'cool' $9 at Urban Outfitters.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

If you live laugh love coffee, you've probably already heard of Aeropress, but if you haven't... you're welcome. Get amongst this easy peasy, innovative way to make stellar coffee in your own home. 

Hario Milk Frother

Hario Co. serves up heeeaps of wonderful ways to brew, and an absolute must-have is their milk frother. Barista-style foam is one of our main reasons to fork out $4 at the local cafe, but Hario makes it easy to DIY! Their cold brewer tool is also worth a buy!

The OG coffee scrub

The coffee scrub that started it all! Frank Bod fixes all your skincare woes with this scrub, from stretch marks to acne. It's super moisturising and smells GREAT (like coffee, obviously!). What are you waiting for! Buy here.

The USB-heated mug (say whaaat?)

This kickstarter company, Jül, has created a mug that stays warm by using power from a USB port! Got distracted and forgot your coffee for an hour? No worries, still warm!! Winning!

Edible Sugar Doilies

Nail taste and aesthetic in one coffee hit with these flexible, edible lace sugar doilies! How...sweet. Check them out on Etsy

Caffeinate and be merry, Remixers!

Feature image: Instagram/flightcoffee