This cafe is making all our mermaid dreams come true

The inner Ariel you've been hiding since you were a little youngin' can finally be released into its natural habitat. That is, a mermaid-inspired cafe with mermaid-inspired food!

Orange County café, Crème and Sugar, famous for its unicorn hot chocolate, have just released a "mermaid menu", featuring vibrant, mythical delicacies. Mermaid water, vanilla mermaid cake and magical shaved ice will be just some of what's available. The owner Joanna Czikalla says the mermaid water is made to satisfy your taste buds of how you wish the ocean would taste. Rather than reluctantly gulping a salty saline, you'll be sipping a sweet blue raspberry, coconut and lime mocktail, topped with sea-salt whip, a wave of froth. 

Czikalla says she decided to create such a menu because she's always wanted to be a mermaid - and haven't we all! 

So why has this magical gem only come about? According to Czikalla, she's been waiting for the perfect time - or season.

“I’ve been planning [these desserts] since back in the winter time when I was doing the unicorn [menu items]. I thought I couldn’t do mermaid until mermaid season,” owner Joanna Czikalla said to Cosmopolitan.

We think it's well worth the wait! Even better, is that the cafe's famous unicorn hot chocolate is still on the menu - so whichever mythical creature you're feeling, taste buds will be satisfied, as well as your inner child.

Let's hope this trend swims its way to New Zealand and makes our mermaid dreams come true!