Blade Runner: a knife that never needs re-sharpening

In Hulu’s sensational series ‘The Bear’ no prop was more significant than each chef’s respective knife of choice. In the culinary world, a knife is more than a tool “The knife is like an extension of our arm. A painter has his paintbrush; a chef has his knife.” explains Director of Culinary Excellence Europe, Stefan Grammel. 

Hulu's The Bear, Image via Pinterest


WMF Design Studio, a name synonymous with, and excuse the pun, cutting-edge kitchenware, brings us the Ultimate Black Chef Knife, an innovation that seamlessly marries the art of craftsmanship with modern technology. Created with the highest standards and forged by hand in Hayingen, the hallmark of the Ultimate Black series is its everlasting sharpness, thanks to the exclusive WMF Diamond Cut technology. Unlike traditional knives that require frequent sharpening, these knives stay razor-sharp for a lifetime of use. This cutting-edge innovation is a game-changer for both professional chefs and home cooks, offering unparalleled convenience and precision.

Image via Michael Joyce


WMF is so confident in the quality and durability of these knives that they back them with a massive 30-year warranty. The secret behind the everlasting sharpness of the Ultimate Black knives lies in the exclusive WMF Diamond Cut technology. The blades undergo an innovative hardening process, followed by precise, laser-controlled robot cuts to create an optimal cutting angle. To ensure long-lasting sharpness, the entire blade is coated with a diamond-like carbon coating through a PVD process. This process effectively protects the cutting edge from wear and tear, making re-sharpening a thing of the past.

"The Ultimate Black Knife series defines holistic design perfection. Characterized by supreme performance, timeless design, pure elegance, wonderful balance, and sustained sharpness. It’s a knife to fall in love with.” - Achim Bölstler, Chef Designer WMF

Image via Michael Joyce


WMF Ultimate Black offers the ideal knife for every culinary task. From the Utility knife for precise cutting to the classic Chef's knife for all-around kitchen mastery, every knife in the series shares the same remarkable feature – you'll never have to sharpen them again. 

The WMF Ultimate Black series is available via Michael Joyce.