Top Tips To Stay Fit & Healthy This Winter

Staying fit is tough enough as it is. Doing so during the winter, where the unpleasant weather makes you wish you were curled up in front of a fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of bacon, makes fitness even more challenging. 

Luckily, we have 8 helpful tips to help knock down those winter-based fitness obstacles so you can stay fit and healthy during those cold, grey months.
1. Stick to a Schedule and Work Out Regularly
Summer’s gorgeous weather is conducive to an active lifestyle. Thus, a stringent routine isn’t necessary.
Come winter, schedule four specific times a week where you must train to reinforce those positive habits. Otherwise, you’re likelier to burn through Netflix shows instead of calories at the gym.
Also, consistently working out means upping your protein intake to help repair your muscles after severe strain. Eating three steaks per day isn’t exactly feasible; therefore, we suggest supplementing your protein to ensure your intake suffices. Two of the best choices when it comes to high-quality Whey Protein are MUSCLEPHARM COMBAT and OPTIMUM NUTRITION GOLD STANDARD.
2. Use the Right Apparel
If you’re a runner, cyclist, or hiker, don’t let the overall unpleasantness of winter weather deter you from your favorite forms of exercise. After all, the gym isn’t for everyone, and you should keep doing what you enjoy.
It’s possible – even in the most hideously cold climates – to keep up with those outdoor activities. Just dress accordingly and utilize layers to remain warm, as well as footwear designed to handle the more treacherous winter terrain.
3. Focus on Nutrition
As the old saying goes, you can’t out-train a bad diet. Furthermore, optimizing your nutrition enhances the results of regular exercise significantly. Also, if the paltry winter conditions demotivate you from training, proper nutrition promotes higher energy levels and overall mood.
As such, a healthy diet makes it easier to train. Want proof? Go eat a double cheeseburger and try running 5 km. Then, do the same 5k after eating a lightly dressed kale salad.
It’s worth noting that taking daily multivitamins is one way to bolster your general health and nutrition.
4. Join a Team, Club, or Class
While exercising by yourself is an unavoidable aspect of fitness, joining a team, club, or class is a motivating factor that’ll keep your going – for a couple of reasons.
For one, there’s the drive to compete and keep up with your teammates or classmates.
Secondly, a sports team is a way to change up your routine and get a different kind of workout every week – which is vital to your overall fitness and health.
5. Invest in a Personal Trainer (If You Can Afford the Cost)
Personal trainers aren’t cheap. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this suggestion isn’t for your (and it’s not a necessity to get in shape).
Naturally, personal trainers are ideal because they’ll make sure you’re doing everything correctly, and they possess the expertise to keep you on the right path.
Plus, since you’re spending a lot of money on a trainer, you’re probably more inclined to take the process seriously.
6. Clearly Define Your Goals
Are you aiming for a shredded physique? Or, are you more interested in bulking up?
Maybe you’re just trying to drop a few pounds (with which these supplements will help), or perhaps it’s just for general health.
No matter your fitness goals, distinctly knowing what you’re trying to accomplish will direct you towards more relevant routines and diets, as well as keep your eyes on the prize.
7. Don’t Get Stagnant
The second it feels like you’re ‘going through the motions’ at the gym and aren’t pushing yourself anymore, is when positive results start to diminish.
In the case that you’re sleepwalking through your training sessions, increase your intensity – within reason – by changing up your routine to something more challenging.
For instance, if you’re bored by your current weightlifting routine, start doing 10 burpees in between sets. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!
8. Don’t Get Down on Yourself for Lapses
We all fall off track at some point. It happens to everybody – even some of the fittest people on earth.
Sadly, after slipping into a life of inactivity, many people believe the pathway back to their fittest self is something that’s too daunting to overcome.
Don’t get hung up on how fit you used to be and focus on who you are now. Fitness is as much about evolving and changing your mindset and mentality as it is your body. Maybe your physical capabilities won’t return to what they once were (though that’s not a guarantee), but that doesn’t mean you won’t do wonders for your overall health, wellness, and inner strength.
Hopefully, our 8 fitness tips are what you need to take the next step in your fitness journey.