Why reusable cups and bottles are this seasons most coveted accessory

Saving the planet just became a fashion statement. 


This season, we’re labelling reusable liquid vessels the seasons most coveted accessory. We all know that plastic bottles and cups are bad, but the thought of cutting them out of your life entirely can be a daunting one. If you’re as forgetful as I am - the mere thought of having to remember such an apparatus every morning (pre-caffination) seems downright impossible. 

I was an early adopter of the reusable cup when I was in high school (back when it was nerdy not cool). But I used to find after a while, the taste of my heated beverage started to become engrained in it, and I found it nearly impossible to get entirely clean. 


Like all innovations, they tend to get better over time. So fast forward to today, and the reusable cups and bottles continue to improve, not only in function, but they’ve also become a lot prettier. So, here are some of the best looking ones for you to begin your environmentally friendly journey with: 

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle from The Facialist 

Laffare Bullet Cup 

Lorna Jane Iconic Drink Bottle 

Frank Green Reusable Cup from Home Interiors 

SoL Reusable Coffee Cup 

Water Bottle from Stirling Sport

Sandy Planet Cup from Pottery for the Planet