Auckland is getting a Krispy Kreme this month!

If you haven’t already given up on your New Year's Resolution to eat healthier, then you’re about to.

Mark it in your diaries people, Auckland is getting a Krispy Kreme on Wednesday 28th February! You'll want to make a beeline to this retail-come-donut-drive-thru hybrid at 8am, when doors open to their first ever NZ premise, located at 3 Ronwood Ave, Manukau. 

Harking back to 1937 in North Carolin, the all-American brand has hinted all over social media that they will be finally delivering their trademark, fluffy bites of heaven to hungry Kiwis. 

Since it’s beginnings, Krispy Kreme has expanded throughout 34 countries, making New Zealand their 35th country to dominate. Specialising in the first-ever glazed donut, they have since hit cult-status the world over. 

We are not-so-patiently hanging out to get our hands on some Krispy Kreme donuts, we’ll take one of every flavour please!

Goodbye, diet...