All you need for a good night's sleep

Getting eight hours of shut-eye is priceless and something people can spend a lifetime trying to achieve, but what most sleepers forget to address, is that backcare itself is crucial for our overall health. Our bodies function properly by the messages sent through our nerves and it is critical they do so without interference. Remix caught up with Jenna Duehr from the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association to talk about the role your mattress plays in backcare and how the Sleepyhead Chiropractic Range could be the missing piece to a comfortable but supportive sleep each night. 

What role does sleep play in back care health?

Sleep is the time when our bodies heal and repair after the stressors we deal with each day. With the increasing numbers of people having to work from home, we are also seeing more people with back issues from postural strain while sitting at desks or tables with poor ergonomics. Poor sleeping positions or a bad mattress can also increase the strain and stress on our backs and affect our back health.

Why is investing in sleep so important?

A good night's sleep sets you up for your day! A lack of sleep can affect your stress levels, your memory and judgment. It may affect your energy levels and you could be less likely to do the things that are good for your health. Specifically for our back health, investing in a comfortable and supportive mattress provides the support that your back needs while sleeping and to keep it in good alignment.

What mistakes are commonly made with sleeping posture?

Sleeping on a soft or old mattress that bends your body or makes you sink in can put your spine into poor alignment while you sleep. Over a sustained period of time, while you are sleeping, this can be incredibly harmful to your back. People that sleep on their front with their head turned to one side all the time can also develop neck issues.

What are the three tips you recommend to look after your back?

  1. Book in to see your local NZCA chiropractor who will do a full assessment of your spinal and nervous system health.
  2. Invest in a good mattress and pillow. They provide your back and neck with the support they need to keep good alignment to help prevent issues.
  3. Keep active. Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for our health in many ways. Our spines particularly love movement, taking regular breaks to stretch and get up and walk around is very important.

What should I look for when buying a mattress?

Find one that is firm but also has a comfort layer on top for pressure relief. You don't want one that is too soft and has you sinking down or rolling to the middle! A high-quality spring or coil system will provide good full-body support. Sleepyhead uses an advanced coil system that provides excellent full-body support to keep the spine in good alignment while you sleep. This is also great to stop your partner from waking you up in the night when they move around. These mattresses also have a cushioned top layer for comfort and pressure relief and the design helps to keep you cooler. We spend ⅓ of our lives in bed. Invest in a good mattress and a good pillow!