A Toast To Magical Moments With Moët & Chandon

The wind and rain couldn’t stop the party as Remix and friends celebrated the launch of the Radiance Edition last week at Azabu Mission Bay. Together with our cherished sponsors and in signature Remix style, we threw a night to remember - or should we say kind of, remember? 

With one of the world’s most recognised and renowned supermodels gracing the Radiance cover, we knew only an equally iconic drink would set the tone for the evening. Enter Moët & Chandon. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with the epitome of celebration, poured to perfection in a Moët & Chandon golden goblet - because everyone deserves to drink in unapologetic grandeur once in a while. 

From the first toast, Moët marked the start of an incredible evening, and as bubbles flowed, we raised our glasses to unforgettable moments with Moët & Chandon (and Cindy!). 

A special thanks to the team at Azabu for greeting guests with champagne on arrival and Moët for supporting our Cindy Crawford soirée. 

All photography by Sonna Studios