Zadig & Voltaire's new rock chic fragrance

Zadig & Voltaire is a Parisian fashion house that embodies a casual, youthful contemporary art style with a rock chic attitude. But how do you turn this into a rock fragrance?

International Marketing Director for BPI, Giona Zen has been working on the development of the fragrance for two years. His team successfully combined the world of rock with contemporary art, love and Paris to produce their latest fragrance 'This is her!' And 'This is Him!' with a quirky twist.

The bottle design is simple and elegant. In feminine white and masculine black, the monochromatic bottles have a minimalistic design and symbolises the opposition and attraction of men and women. The bottle itself a collision of art with rock, showing a shattered edge cut down the side of the bottle.

The scents evokes a rock chic vibe and attitude and breaks the rules of traditional perfume smells. Giona Zen says that This is Her! fragrance is like, 'putting on a Zadig white cashmere pullover. It’s classical but then you may have a skull on the back or it’s not quite finished...'

'You feel comfort putting this on as there is chestnut cream combined with a vanilla top note and a base note of sandalwood with hints of jasmine. This is Him! Is a fragrance for gentlemen, it’s oriental woody but again has a rock attitude with sandalwood as the signature too.'

The fragrances were celebrated at Neck of the Woods on K’rd, an optimum spot for a rock chic launch. The venue had Parsian contemporary art and a Parisian living room setup so you could absorb the culture and feel what it would be like living in Paris. They showed their advertising campaign film, directed by Emmanuel Giraud. It focuses on French muse, Josephine Le Tutour and model Sam Lammar, a Parisian love story, all filmed in black and white with fast cuts and an upbeat track by DJ, The Avener.

The fragrance will be released September 1st and will be available at over 80 stores nationwide including selected Farmers and Life Pharmacy stores.

Check out the photos from the launch below! IMG_7168Zadig & VoltaireZadig & VoltaireZadig & VoltaireZadig & VoltaireZadig & Voltaire