The clothing retailer set to disrupt the NZ fashion industry

The definition of Outrè is passing the bounds of what is usual. One Auckland-based online retailer, Outrè, has set out to achieve just that. Bringing high fashion to the fingertips of New Zealanders, shopping once inaccessible brands like Michael Kors, Coach and Tommy Hilfiger has never been easier. In August, Outrè extended their offering one step further with the launch of their own original clothing brand, The Label. Thanks to the events of 2020, loungewear has become a wardrobe staple the world over. Tapping into the ever increasing demand, Outrè is giving us all the stay at home vibes with casual chic, inherently comfortable threads featuring the beloved elastic waist. Promising an unwavering commitment to sustainability, their newest drop is made and designed in New Zealand. Remix sat down with Managing Director Pranav Maharaj and Creative Director Zoe Kerr to get the inside scoop on how you can be a part of Outrè The Club.

The definition of Outrè is passing the bounds of what is usual - what guided this vision?

Pranav: Outrè started off as a concept a year ago. The aim was to provide luxury brands at affordable prices. I met with our supplier and we decided to move forward with it. The name, Outrè, reflects our company mission: to debunk the notion that luxury brands mean breaking the bank.

You represent brands like Stolen Girlfriends Club and Tommy Hilfiger. How do you decide which brands you want to feature in your portfolio?

Zoe: We are proud to exclusively stock elite brands. Our mission is to not only offer premium brands that we know New Zealanders love, but brands that are manufactured at the highest ethical and sustainable standards, as this is a top priority for us at Outré. Obviously staying on the pulse of trends is also key. Sophie (Outré’s marketing director) and I are always working ahead to forecast upcoming trends.

Pranav: We look for brands which match our ethos. Brands such as Stolen Girlfriends Club and Ella Jane are local brands, which are key to our offering. While brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors, are our premium range, which we offer at a more competitive price than other stockists.

Sustainability is something that is important to you. What is your take on making the fashion industry more earth-friendly?

Zoe: Sustainability was front of mind when designing our first collection, Outré the Label. With the brand being Kiwi born and bred, ethical and environmental standards are - and always will be - a top priority for us. It’s not easy or cost effective to be produce consciously in New Zealand but it’s not something we’re willing to compromise on. if we all support each other and give back to the New Zealand economy rather than abroad this will make it easier for all of us! 

Pranav: As a small New Zealand business we are taking steps to be sustainable, such as using recycled R3 packaging and offering the option to offset their purchase through Carbon Click. I think more New Zealand companies should add these options too.

This year has undoubtedly affected the fashion and retail sector. What changes have you observed in the industry and how have you responded to them?

Zoe: Designing our own label wouldn’t have even crossed our minds if it wasn’t for the events of this year. The disruption to the fashion industry was a blessing in disguise for us. There was a huge shift towards shopping and supporting local, hence why we designed, produced and manufactured our range in New Zealand. Personally, it’s also changed my own purchasing behaviour - I’m a lot more conscious of what I’m buying now and where it came from.

Pranav: The pandemic had a wave of flow-on effects to the fashion industry, mainly disruption to the supply chain forcing delays and closures. With a lack of international labels coming into New Zealand, we pivoted and decided to design and manufacture our own clothing line. 

Outrè have their own exclusive club. Tell us a little bit more about what that entails?

Zoe: Outré the Club is a premium membership for Outré exclusive members. For just $4.99 each month, members will enjoy monthly bonuses and exclusive discounts from our brand partners. Members will also be the first to receive all the latest style updates direct to their inbox. 

Pranav: We designed our club to elevate the Outré experience a step further. The aim of the club is to create a community of like-minded people who enjoy fashion. We are partnering with other brands such as Bloom&Co and MYM Beauty to provide our members with added benefits. The aim is to cap membership at 800 people.

What’s next for Outrè? 

Zoe: Bigger and better! Sophie and I have been working around-the-clock on the upcoming seasonal drops. Our next collection is scheduled for early this month - trust us, you won’t want to miss it, we have your summer wardrobe covered.

Pranav: Outrè aims to launch a collection every season. At the moment, both Zoe and Sophie are working tirelessly to research fashion trends and design clothes which will appeal to the Australiasian market. We aim to provide clothes which are not only comfortable, but stylish too.

Looking into the future, our aim is to provide our customers with an experience they won’t find anywhere else. This is just the beginning for Outrè and we hope that through the support of everyone, we are able to take our brand from bound to bound.