There’s a lot to love about the latest from Levi

The Ribcage Jean - Levi’s Highest Rise Yet

Are you ready for the highest high rise yet? These high-high rises are an absolute must have this year. The Ribcage Jeans offer the best of both worlds, the infamously flattering high-rise silhouette coupled with a classic leg opening that's not too loose, and not too tight, it’s just right! Here’s a few of our favourite styles...


Ribcage Straight


The most flattering go-with-anything jeans you’ll own. Slim through the hip and straight through the leg, you’ll never want to take these off. “Inspired by a ‘90s Levi’s  501, the ribcage fit is so flattering—perfectly styled high or low.”— Karyn Hillman, Global Chief Product Officer of Levi’s Strauss & Co.


Ribcage Pleated Crop


Loose through the hip and thigh, this pleated crop takes all the best from the 90s trend and adds a modern twist.

Safe to say Levi are at the height of the high-rise movement! This family fits in the Levi spectrum as the highest rise, with a lider leg than the 501 and the Wedgies.


The sneaker (Hi-Ball) Jeans

Sneaker-heads rejoice. Slim. Cropped. Rolled. And with uninterrupted views of your favourite kicks, these are the perfect canvas for showing off your shoes.

Designed to style and show off their sneakers, Levi’s Sneaker (Hi-Ball) jeans are perfect for the fashion conscious looking for a fit which which complements kicks! The new silhouette is cropped higher  than typical styles and comes with a 2nd pre-rolled cuff.

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