Louis Vuitton's latest collab is a visual masterpiece

Being the proud owner of a piece of fine art is no longer limited to clunky wall displays, carefully protected by thick panes of glass, kept well away from the risk of sticky fingers or harsh UV light damaging their facade. These days, we prefer our art right where we can see it, slung over our arm. 

Recruiting the creative eye of artist Jeff Koons, Louis Vuitton curated a collection of bags and accessories featuring imitations of some of the world's most famous paintings. 

The New York-based artist recreated Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa', Van Gogh's 'Wheat Field with Cypresses', 'The Tiger Hunt' by Rubens, 'La Gimblette' by Fragonard and Mars, and 'Venus and Cupid' by Titian. 

Not mere reprints of the original, each design is based on Koon's Gazing Ball series, a collection of hand-painted reproductions of works by the old hands. 

Aptly titled the 'Masters' collection, each bag in the collection is emblazoned with the name of the original artists in gold letters, along with some of Louis Vuitton's signature flower motifs. 

The collection calls on three popular LV silhouettes - the Speedy, the Keepall, and the Neverfull - and launches on April 28. 








Check out the collaboration video below, or shop the 'Masters' collection here