Zambesi's latest Rick Owens Range

Words by Larissa Jenkins Rick Owens started off as a largely under the radar designer, with a dedicated following in the underground glam rock and grunge communities. His work was eventually noted by the fashion industry for its enchanting ability to marry gothic and distressed designs with couture-like sophistication. Owens has been an inspirational lead in men’s and women’s fashion throughout the years, with his brand becoming more and more popularised by this generation’s fashion lovers. This year Rick Owens footwear are more popular than ever and Zambesi, who have been stocking the label for years, have chosen some of this season's most sought after shoes to stock in store. They've brought us the classic favourite Geobasket design (in two different styles), and the Springblade - the offspring of a dream collaboration between Owens and Adidas. Rick Owen’s styles are nothing less than unique with their futuristic designs resembling a fashion-forward trend that we love and we're stoked that Zambesi continues to bring these kicks to our shores. Click here to check out Zambesi online