Disney has released a new denim collection!

Disney once again shows us that dreams do come true with their new denim collection, which is actually pretty. darn. cool. 

Forget the pink and poofy princess dresses, this four-piece denim collection allows us Disney lovers to sport our love for the brand in a subtle and cool laid-back style. 

The line just launched with denim brand Siwy, featuring Minnie Mouse's little face embroidered on faded-wash denim jackets and boyfriend jeans, along with Mickey Mouse screen printed on high-waisted shorts and striped jeans for a dose of nostalgia. 

These garments, without being over the top, show that childish demeanours can still be tasteful - something we are very glad about.

This new collection with Siwy is exclusive to shopDisney, found on the sites "The It-List". However, before you fork out the cash you may want to check the price tags. These pieces are priced between $169.95 to $399.95. But if you're a true Disney fan, price means nothing... right? 

We may be saving up for these for quite some time but at least we know Disney will always be in fashion!