Yas Kween: Iggy Azalea's fierce new music video for 'Team'

The new music video from our current cover girl Iggy Azalea is lit! 

Today Iggy released the music video for her latest release 'Team', which is the first single off her highly anticipated sophomore album Digital Distortion

In the music video, directed by Fabien Montique, the Australian star does burn outs in a sports car, sasses her way through customs and tags on a private jet... (Don't worry, Iggy clarified, the tagging has deeper meaning, so not totally reckless!).

All in all, Iggy is back with a banger and is as badass as ever. Her get-up, her dance moves and her whipping of that ponytail are out of control. In the tune, which is equally as fierce, Iggy name drops celebs including Reggie Miller, Hans Zimmer and another Remix cover girl, Kylie Jenner!

'This record is a step left compared to The New Classic. The New Classic was a time when I was experimenting with more pop influences. Digital Distortion is still really fun and danceable, just a bit more edgy,' she told editor Steven Fernandez in her Remix interview last month.

Watch the video below to fall in love with Iggy-Igs all over again...