Piña Coladas or Pinball? 'Arcade Bars' let you do both!

Tokens? Check. Game face? Check. Cocktail in hand? Yasssss!

The 'Arcade Bars' trend sweeping Los Angeles is all kinds of awesome - happy little establishments where you can revisit your childhood classic arcade games (think pinball, Galaga, space invaders (!!!)) AND drink adult alcohol! Arcade bars have all the makings of a fun and unique night out. We've rounded up some of the latest quirky Arcade bars popping up around L.A. - hopefully an Auckland bar owner is inspired and jumps on this bandwagon ASAP! 

Arts District

One of the hippest places on the list, EightyTwo bar is all about swanky craft cocktails, weekend DJ sets, a sunny outdoor beer patio and gaming nostalgia everywhere, of course. Get amongst pinball, Street Fighter II and Galaga (among others) while sipping on a game-inspired cocktail - bring on the arcade name puns!


Break Room 86 

Through a secret entrance, you'll find the Houston Brothers' hidden ode to the 80's - Break Room 86. The all-immersive atmosphere will have you plugging away at Donkey Kong, Galaga or Pac-Man while 80's music is blasting in the background. 

While you're there, are you really going to resist an alcoholic push-up pop from the adult ice cream truck? Ha, we think not.


Blipsy Bar

Blipsy is full of oversized carnival animal toys along with your classic childhood machines. Drinks are as cheap as game tokens!

Unassuming, slightly grungey, and looking far more like the arcades of your childhood, but with stiff drinks. The only way you'll know you're in the right place is the giant Pac-Man painted on the wall out front. Listen to old-school bangers from the jukebox while enjoying low-key arcade fun on the cheap!


Arts District Brewing Company 

Arts District Brewing Company offers a completely different vibe again, o with more tactile games such as ping pong, foosball and skeeball, as well as original craft beers brewed on-site. Classier than your old university beer pong parties, still just as much fun!


We can only hope that Auckland will pick up on this trend ASAP, so us Remixers can partake in our own gaming banter and some fun cocktails to match!

Feature Image: EightyTwo Bar