Auckland's Most Unique Comedy Show

The life of a comedian must be nothing short of a nerve-racking experience. They have the unrealistic goal of making a room of complete strangers not only laugh but fall in love with this persona they’ve created. Only a very select few can ever really achieve that, let alone on a constant basis. But venture down to the Basement Theatre at 10pm on a Friday night, and find yourself in a room with a comedic cast who do what many others cannot.

Snort, a live impromptu comedy show that takes cues from comedic genius Tina Fey, is guaranteed to be one of the best nights you’ll have in town. Thirteen of New Zealand’s most popular comedians including Rose Matafeo (Billy T Award Winner), Laura Daniel (Jono and Ben Show) and Joseph Moore (7 days) blow audiences away with their unbeaten comedic timing and witty overtures every Friday night. What starts as a single monologue turns into fast-paced, situation-driven comedy.

In one breath a scene can go from an awkward family dinner to a creepy neighbour’s dungeon. Join the turbulent troupe as they take you from one comedic extreme to another. It is the most unique comedy show you will ever see and by far one of the most entertaining. If that’s not enough to drag you from under your mink blanket, there’s also an after party every Friday where the audience get to socialise and crack a (few) cold one(s) with some of New Zealand’s best comedic talent.

Treat yourself to one of Auckland’s most entertaining shows. Tickets available from iTicket.