Chloe Sevigny has made a movie about kittens

This years Cannes Film Festival will see Chloe Sevigny make her directorial debut with her new short film titled Kitty. The movie is based on a Paul Bowles short story, and is about a little girl who dreams of being a kitten and then finds herself transformed into one. 

In an interview with The Cut Chloe said she chose the story because it had an 'element of magical realism to it', which is something she has always enjoyed watching in films. 

'I wanted to do kind of a throwback to kind of those 80s films where they had an element of practical effects and makeup and stuff. It was also about transformation and a girl’s relationship with her mother, and just a lot of themes that rang true to me.'

Despite the film being her first, Chloe plans on continuing to direct, and used the short film as a steppingstone. 'That’s the intention, to use it as a calling card to make features,' she stated. 

Although we aren't too sure what to expect from this film, anything that involves kittens and Chloe Sevigny has got to be well worth a watch! 

Kitty will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May. See more details about the festival here

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