Happy Birthday to Sir David Attenborough!

His placid narration is instantly recognisable, his footage unforgettable - and he’s the biology teacher to entire generations. This week, the voice accompanying the world’s most groundbreaking wildlife footage turned a grand 91-years-old. Because there’s no such thing as too much Attenborough, we’ve lined up his must-see documentaries.

For the wow-factor: Planet Earth Seasons 1 & 2

After scouring the globe from end to end with state of the art technology and a seemingly endless budget, the BBC ended up with some pretty dazzling footage. The best of the best went into this series - and it is sure to knock your socks off. Season 1 will take you through poles, mountains, fresh water, caves, deserts, ice worlds, plains, jungles, shallow seas, seasonal forests and the ocean deep. Season 2 then traverses islands, mountains, jungles, deserts, grasslands and surprisingly, cities. Be sure to stream this one in nothing less than 1080p.

For the weird and wacky: The Blue Planet

Immerse yourself in underwater realms with this eye-opening (and sometimes jaw dropping) eight-part series. Marvel at the million-strong swarms of jellyfish, bustling coral reefs, bizzare creatures from the deep and fierce hunting behaviours of sharks.

For the giggles and thrills: Life of Mammals


BBC and the Discovery Chanel joined forces to create this ten-episode window into the lives of  the 4000 warm-blooded creatures of the world. Highlights include Attenborough howling amongst the wolves and saying “boo” to a sloth. 

For all the feels: Life Story

This series looks at the trials and tribulations of growing up as an inhabitant of earth - from birth to growing up, courtship to parenthood. Be warned - this one may have you reaching for the Kleenex.