Would you try a blue algae latte?

There’s a new coffee trend that's sweeping across Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Matcha Mylkbar has a new addition to its menu – the ‘Smurf Latte’. Staying true to its name, the drink is bright blue, containing lemon, ginger, coconut, agave and live blue algae.

Plant Based Recipes on Instagram: "WOOHOO!!! Blue algae lattes with @from.the.core because blue lattes is a thing now!! Not gonna lie, it tastes pretty good ... Almost as good as it looks! Yayay for the most nutrient dense food in the world! 😍😍😍"

Although the sound of algae doesn’t make you lick your lips, it contains many health benefits that could make your morning coffee even more energizing. The live blue algae ‘supports mind and body balance, and the immune, nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems’, Matcha Mylkbar co-owner, Nic Davidson told Broadsheet.

While the Smurf Latte looks like it’s going to taste like bubblegum, it is said to have a sour taste that takes after the lemon.

If you want to check out more colourful and bright vegan meals, head to @matcha_mylkbar for some inspiration.  

Photo source: enfait.nl, foxnews.com
Quotes source: sportluxe.com