The Remix trend report: Hair tips & tricks with Chloe Zara

Chloe Zara Chloe Zara is an Auckland freelance hair stylist whose work we absolutely love. We sat down to have a quick chat with her about her favourite looks of the moment and must-have products...
What’s your favourite hair look right now? What’s the trend this winter? One of my favourite hair looks right now is slightly more length and texture. The bob and lob have been huge over the last year, but now it’s all about the mid-length hair and I love it! I’m all about a side or centre parting with a beautiful relaxed wave and of course I still love the side hair flick! Do you have any hair secrets when it comes to your own look? My secret to having great hair is not washing it too much. i always find it holds a much better style the second or third day in. It varies with different hair types but when you want to achieve a more relaxed look the trick is to not wash it daily. What are your favourite hair products at the moment? My favourite product ever is Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray, I can't live without it. You can use it on wet or dry hair. I also love the Free Shape range from KMS, which are great if you use a lot of heat tools. My favourite from the range is Quick Blow Dry; it smells amazing and cuts down your drying time.