Bringing back the braid: Get the look with these 5 easy steps from a Rodney Wayne expert

We called in Rodney Wayne senior stylist Grainne McGlade to teach us how to get this summer’s hottest hair look Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.39 AM Braids are back a big way! Have a look around at all the festivals this summer and you’ll notice plenty of girls (and maybe a few guys) rocking the braid. Inspired by the braids in the latest Rodney Wayne ‘Do Summer’ campaign, senior stylist Grainne McGlade tells us how to be a part of the braid brigade with five easy steps…    
  1. Spray your hair lightly with Redken Rootful 06 to prepare the hair for braiding.
  1. Starting at the front, pick up three strands of hair and start working backwards using an underhanded technique, picking up a small piece of hair as you go braiding it into the track.
  1. Curve the scalp braid following the contour of the head down to corner back and continue to braid it out all the way to the end.
  1. Tie the braid off with a small coloured headband. Repeat from the front for as many braids as you’d like.
  1. Blow-dry the rest of the hair with a round brush for volume and soft effortless movement. Redken Guts 10 can add volume in fine hair when sprayed at the roots before blow-drying and a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil on the ends before and after the blow-dry can help keep it soft and shiny. A little light hold hairspray can help lock out humidity and hold your style in place longer. Try Redken Fashion Work 12.
Visit Rodney Wayne online here to get your hands on the products to help make your braid happen! And also watch this video from behind the scenes of the latest campaign... [video src="" size="auto"] 331A1243 [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="5025,5026,5027,5028,5029,5030,5031,5032"] Words by Steven Fernandez Photographed by Jono Parker Model Erin @ Unique Model Management