The Botox Breakthrough: All the hard facts for easily achieving that flawless face

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.10.39 pm Ever wondered what Botox really is and what it does? I'm sure images of needles, swollen lips, and overdone celebrities are currently bombarding your mind, but never fear, Remix has the lowdown from Caci, New Zealand’s largest Botox provider and they've shared the secrets of Botox treatments, the facts, and the realities... Botox is far more common than you think, in fact it is the most common non-surgical procedure globally, and can have multiple benefits. Botox. simply put, is purified protein developed in laboratory conditions and having been used for over 20 years, it’s an effective treatment for both medical conditions and cosmetic reasons. Caci have been treating clients with Botox and Dermal Fillers for over 15years, and have treated over 10,000 clients. A couple of points that really stuck for us: for those that can’t stand the sight of needles – the ones used for Botox are small and fine, so they don’t look scary and more importantly, don’t hurt! Many people liken the injection to a small prick on the skin. Secondly, if you’re worried about people knowing you’ve had treatment, there’s no need, the nurses at Caci work with you to ensure you get the results that you want. And, because Botox is a quick and simple procedure, you’ll only have slight redness for around 15-20 minutes. With natural and subtle looking results, no one would even know! Botox is suitable for most people, and at Caci, they offer complimentary consultations, so you can be sure that you have all the information and knowledge before having a treatment. If you would like to know more about Botox® treatments, have a free consultation at your local Caci, call 0800 588 566 or head here. Words by Jamie Clements