Our favourite new toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Hands up who’s heard of toner? Right, hands up who actually knows what toner does? Thought so. Typically, toner is meant to rejuvenate the skin and shrink your pores to give you a more even complexion while also improving your skin tone (hence the name). The Murad Hydrating Toner does all this, and a wee bit more. The Witch Hazel tightens your pores, while the Chamomile and Cucumber Extract soothes any irritation you might have. Then to top it all off, it softens your skin. I’ve been using this hydrating toner for ten months now. I alternate Murad Hydrating Toner with another Murad toner (from the Sun Damage range called the Essential-C toner) and I also keep a mini one in my handbag for when my face feels dry. When you spray the Murad Hydrating Toner on your face you instantly feel your skin sucking up all the goodness. You feel instantly hydrated, your skin feels brighter and it has that ‘just got out of bed’ look rather than, ‘just worked 8 hours and now am having the last meeting of the day at 6pm’ look. The Murad Hydrating Toner works best in the three-step program it was designed for, but even on it’s own it’s beautiful. Available in New Zealand online and in all Caci clinics nationwide. Written by Dani McAllen, Remix beauty columnist & Managing Director of WE ARE ANTHOLOGY. hydrating-toner jpeg