Where the most successful people like to holiday

The secret is officially out. Studies have shown that the most successful people benefit most from first-time travel experiences. 

Booking.com surveyed over 15,000 people from around the world, including 500 kiwis, and found that 65% of respondents nudged themselves to visit a new travel destination, consequently, boosting their confidence. Forget all those G&T’s to keep us sane… catching a flight will do the trick!

Now, with your confidence levels high, you are ready to make some powerful life decisions! The survey revealed that one in 10 people found a first-time travel experience drove them to change jobs or career and even alter their relationships.  21% even decided to move locations.  If your life needs some modification then perhaps take a trip to your closest travel agent and make some plans!

Over half of those surveyed believed people who had traveled to a diverse range of destinations were overall more fascinating, and apparently, more successful in their careers.

But where to first? Check out the top destinations we Kiwis head to for the first time… so grab your passport and book that flight pronto!

1. Australia
The sandy shores just across the ditch are an ‘easy on the eye’ vacation point for New Zealanders. Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne are the top four international destinations, according to the global research.  Diversity throughout the cities allows us to either lay on the coast with a cocktail in hand, hit the shopping mall, or visit the renowned theme parks if you are an extreme adrenaline freak.

Circular Quay and Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia

2. United Kingdom
London runs in fifth on the list for its world best sights and activities to delve in to.  See the amazing city from the London Eye, take selfies with celebrities at Madame Tussauds, and explore the worlds most precious treasure at the National History Museum.  End your nights off with fantastic foods and a theatre show in the West End.  There’s no doubt these experiences couldn’t change our perspectives on life!

Big Ben and House of Parliament at Night, London, United Kingdom

3. Philippines
The Philippines is one of the larges island groups in the world with 7,107 islands - many exotic beaches to choose to sunbathe on, right? In Manila, sift through the pristine crystal-clear waters and pamper your body with a good massage. And to top it off, bottles of alcohol only cost $1 USD! Find me at the bar...

Manila skyline, Philippines

4. USA
Whether you're shopping up a storm in LA's Rodeo Drive, soaking in the incredible views at New York's 'Top of the Rock' Rockefeller Centre, or riding your bike across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, the USA is a beating heart of opportunity for us Kiwis. 

Central Park aerial view, Manhattan, New York

5. Fiji
Jump on a red eye flight over to Fjii and experience some of the most amazing resorts to date! Capital Suva is the perfect place to experience a mix of culture, sports and outdoor recreation.  Visit the locals farmers market and even score a charter out to an island close by for some snorkeling adventures.


6. Singapore
This city bursts at the seems with impressive sights and things to do! Head up the Singapore Flyer to see breathtaking views of the iconic skyline, and perhaps take a trip to Universal Studios and catch a photo with the iconic globe statue!

Singapore City, Singapore - June 23, 2014: Supertree Grove in the Garden by the Bay in Singapore.

Photo credits: Booking.com