Get to know Nuzest Brand Ambassador and Olympic Sailor, Eroni Leilua

From humble beginnings in Samoa learning to sail with his parents, to becoming the first Samoan sailor to represent his country at the 2020 Olympics, and now qualifying for the Olympics in Paris 2024 - Nuzest Brand Ambassador Eroni Leilua is an inspiration. Remix chatted with this powerhouse on his love of sailing, his hopes for the Olympics this year and his advice to young sailors aspiring for a career within the sport.

 When did you fall in love with sailing?

My love for the sport started when I was in Samoa as an 8-year-old. Being given the reins of a vehicle as such was exciting for me. I then started racing which made it even more fun because I was a competitive kid. I was fortunate enough to go to a few events within the Pacific, competing against other Pacific nations. We all had similarities in the upbringing we had and we all came from villages, so everyone was really humble. We then moved to New Zealand and realised quickly that sailing was far bigger over here. It became a really good learning opportunity for me to keep improving and get better. 

Congratulations on your Olympic Selection for Paris 2024! Will you do anything differently this time around? 

Yes. I know what to expect now from a sailing-level point of view. I know the level of skill needed to compete at that level. My lead-up and how I approach competitions needs to change from my previous competitions where I've had quite a big gap between the high-level competition. This time around, I'll nail a few competitions beforehand and give myself the best chance.

You won a Nuzest Scholarship a few years ago and continue to use Nuzest for nutrition, how has that benefitted your performance? 

Nuzest is in every place of my car, in my boat, it's everywhere. There are sachets, shakers and tubs all around. I'm a huge fan and it's helped my recovery as well. I take it religiously every day, twice a day sometimes. It helps with muscle recovery and that allows me to train back-to-back each day. Nuzest has been a huge part of my journey. The Good Green Vitality is amazing too, getting so many different nutrients out of one drink.

What advice would you give to 8 year old Eroni? 

The biggest advice I've given most is "Don't be afraid to be the first. Always be the hardest worker whatever you do and never cut corners. Be honest with yourself."