Five picturesque places to spend your summer holiday

With the warmer weather approaching and the allure of Christmas break just around the corner, our minds can't help but stray to the possibility of a little summer getaway. And although typical summer holiday destinations such as Melbourne and Hawaii have earned their popularity for a reason, there's no reason not to switch things up a little.

If you too, are feeling like a bit of change this holiday season, we've put together a list of some unconventional and beautiful places that'll definitely make you want to jump on the next flight out. 


If the picturesque white sand beaches don't hook you in, Sardinia's vibrant culture and beautiful architecture will impress even the toughest travel critic.

Located just south of Italy, this little islands laid back island vibe will have you feeling utterly relaxed regardless of whether you're hitting the high end boutiques or sipping a cocktail and enjoying an ocean view so perfect, that words couldn't do it justice. 


The natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia looks like something straight out of Avatar. With lush green shrubbery and crystal blue lakes every which way you look, the hiking trails and boat tours are not something you'd want to miss.


Amalfi is another Italian destination on our to-visit list this year. With it's scenic position on the cliffs of Italy's southwest coast, this remote location is sure to have you feeling disconnected from reality in the best possible way. 

With a rich history, beautiful architecture and unreal coastline, you're sure to find something fun to do.


The vibrant culture and spotless streets of Singapore put this city at number three on our list. Singapore is perfect for the restless due to it's never ending stream of activities to check out. 

Go check out the Gardens by the Bay or hop over to the unique 'cloud forest' for a day you're not likely to forget. For those who like it a little more laid back, the hot weather is perfect for a pool day where you can relax in the sun and just work on your tan. 


Last but absolutely not least, this glacially fed lake, when full, is a spectacular shade of blue. With hiking trails and the opportunity to explore via canoe, we can't see a downside to this glorious, Canadian landmark.

Located in Alberta Canada, even if you somehow manage to tire of the scenic views of Moraine Lake you can always head back to the city for a touch of shopping.