Your ultimate Christmas wish list

In the final months of the year, we spend countless hours searching far and wide for the most fitting gifts for our nearest and dearest. While there is nothing wrong with putting others first (after all, that is what Christmas is all about), it is all too easy to neglect thinking about what you want. Often our loved ones receive one of the most annoying answers imaginable when asking what we want for Christmas: “I don’t know”.

To help you avoid being on the receiving end of a hefty eye-roll (or a gift you really don’t want), we pulled together a few goodies that we are coveting. From the ultra-chic Delilah Wallet to Babe Scrub’s Green Tea Body Scrub, these gifts from Lusso will shoot right to the top of your wish list.

Have a peruse and feel free to forward to your least fashionable aunt.

  1. Delilah Wallet (black) – Status Anxiety. Shop it here.

wish list

  1. Climber earrings - Lusso. Shop them here.


  1. The Lair Handbag (black) – Status Anxiety. Shop it here.


  1. 2017 Black Diary – Jot it Down. Shop it here.


  1. Green Tea Body Scrub – Babe Scrub. Shop it here.


  1. The Raw Kitchen Cookbook – The Raw Kitchen. Shop it here.



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