Uber Eats reveals Kiwi’s most popular post-lockdown orders

A kebab a day keeps Kiwi’s sane… 

With dine-in and takeaway now back on the menu, Kiwis are flocking to support their local restaurants.

More than thirteen thousand Kiwis turned to the Uber Eats app for the first time when it was switched back on in April - propelled by a need for relief from a home-cooked meal and their choices were revealing.


So what are Kiwis craving most post lockdown? 


It turns out its fresh air. With locals relishing the chance to go and collect their food, the Uber Eats platform witnessed a thirteen times increase in the number of users selecting pick up over delivery on the first day of eased restrictions after we made pick up available to all partners on the platform.


On the food front, NZ remains a hamburger heartland with more than one hundred thousand of the brilliant buns ordered in the first week of restaurants reopening during level three restrictions. And the Kiwi love for a kebab certainly didn’t ‘pita’ out, with the meaty treat a local favourite in every city we operate. 


Here are the most ordered dishes from cities available on the Uber Eats app from the last six weeks -



  1. Kebab Wrap from Fuzion Kebab
  2. Make your own combo from IPOKE
  3. Kebab on rice from Fuzion Kebab



  1. Meat on Chips from Abrakebabra
  2. Mixed Kebab from Abrakebabra
  3. Pad Thai from Aroy Thai Eatery



  1. Burger from A+Cafe
  2. Two burgers and two sides from A+ Cafe
  3. Meat on chips from Sila Restaurant 



  1. Large salad from Katsubi
  2. Regular Donburi from Kastubi
  3. Mixed Kebab from Abrakebabra



  1. Meat on chips from Best Turkish Food Co.
  2. Morrito Bowl from Dubba Dubba
  3. Kebab wrap from Kebab & Grill Corner



  1. Chicken Kebab from Kebab Master
  2. Mixed Kebab from Kebab Master
  3. Chicken Wrap from Kebab Master


While Friday, Saturday and Sunday remain the most popular days for ordering using the app, the most popular times have shifted forward by an hour. Lunch and dinner peaks have crested sixty minutes earlier than they did before coronavirus took hold - perhaps because Kiwis haven’t been arriving home late from work.


As Uber Eats continues to play a supporting role in the economic recovery of restaurants and delivery partners we are going to accelerate our planned launch of new cities. 


Napier and Hastings, Rotorua and Palmerston North will be the first off the rank - fast-tracked to be available in app on July 1.