Top five must-do's this March!

Autumn is here but have no fear! Although we may be spending less time at the beach, March brings about several exciting events and activities to take our mind off the coming cold…

We’ve scoped out the top five must do’s this month to make the most of March!

1. Oyster Festival, 3rd - 31st March
Make a splash into March by trying one of the most faddish fruits of the sea, the oyster. Princes Wharf will be the hub of daily oyster specials, events, drinks specials along with a special oyster menu this month. Euro, The Culpeper, Coley and Punch, The Crab Shack and Fish Restaurant will all be providing these specialties, so make sure you give this nectar of the sea-gods a try!

2. The Colour Run, 12th March
Become a living and breathing, (not to mention, fit) crayon this March by creating your own colourful trail during The Colour Run! The event is coming to Auckland this month and encourages us to step out of our usual shell by becoming an elaborate and vibrantly coloured being for the day! If exercising isn’t your idea of fun, this may change your mind!

3. Garden of Wonder by Perrier-Jouët, 17th & 18th March
No, you are not dreaming, Auckland really does have a garden of champagne, AKA the Garden of Wonder, coming to Auckland! Made for those of us who enjoy sipping on a glass or two (or five) of some signature bubbles, the event is set within the exclusive Restaurant Clooney’s, Belle Époque Room. The courtyard will be dusted in florals, highlighting delicate beauty within a city environment. Three sessions to partake in the Garden of Wonder are available on Friday the 17th and 18th March (5:30 pm, 7:15 pm and 9:00 pm).

Head here to purchase tickets.

4. General Collective Market, 26th March
If you are a serial market-goer, then you’re in for a treat! The General Collective Markets are like no other. Located at ASB showgrounds, you will find yourself amongst an array of handmade, high quality, design-focused goodies from all over New Zealand. Over 250 stalls are provided including scrumptious street food stalls, and activities for the wee ones are available also!

5. Adele, 23rd - 26th March
Our favourite British beauty is heading to our humble abode this month, and we couldn’t be more excited! Finally, we can experience her astounding vocals and vivacious personality that, knowing Adele, will most likely result in us laughing and crying. If you haven’t already snatched a ticket, we absolutely insist you must!


Image credits: Bosveld Review, Lamps and Lights