Shelter takes dogs out for 'puppuccinos' to help find them new homes

Humans love coffee, and apparently dogs do too! Well not quite coffee, but the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington take their pups for weekly 'puppuccino' (a small cup of whipped cream) as a Tuesday treat. 


Being a shelter pup isn't the most glamorous or ideal living situation at all, so the shelter's volunteer Molly Clark believes taking the dogs to Starbucks not only gives them a delicious treat but also gives them a chance at a change of environment for a little while. She says the pups love the car ride just as much as the puppuccino's themselves! By bringing the dogs out into public, people get to interact with them, helping their chances of adoption


Starbucks do their bit in helping too, by sharing photos of the pups around the store to help them find a home. SO cute!