10 celebrities you NEED to be following on Snapchat

Forget using Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with your favourite celebs - Snapchat is now the way to go. Whether it be a look into the lives of the Hadid girls, or learning the keys to success, Snapchat has something for everyone. The live-streaming aspect makes snapping seem a whole lot more authentic, and who doesn't want to know what their favourite star had for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Here's the 10 celebrities whose snaps you need to be watching: Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.59.19 PM 1. Bella Hadid Username: Babybells777 What she snaps: a behind the scenes look into fashion shows, lunch dates with older sister Gigi, and day-to-day fun stuff we wish we could be doing. Ultimate snap moment: babybells is a great Snapchat illustrator, and her creations are always a hit. You won't be disappointed. kylie 2. Kylie Jenner Username: kylizzlemynizzl What she snaps: literally everything. Her outfits, makeup, hairstyles, cars, house. You name it, Kylie snaps it. Ultimate snap moment: her dramatic soap-opera-style stories featuring Kim, Kourtney & Kendall, along with Kanye and Caitlyn. Complete with intermissions. khaled 3. DJ Khaled Username: djkhaled305 What he snaps: the keys to success - need we say more? Ultimate snap moment: when he got lost in the ocean on his jet-ski at night, after visiting rapper friend, Rick Ross. The most hysterical moment on Snapchat by far. Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.58.56 PM 4. Diplo Username: diplo What he snaps: studio sessions with Major Lazer, DJ sets around the world, and a look at the life of one of our favourite DJs. Ultimate snap moment: his constant overuse of emojis. Always a laugh. gigi 5. Gigi Hadid Username: itsgigihadid What she snaps: an inside look into the Sports Illustrated model's life, with BFF Kendall Jenner often featuring, along with a bunch of other famous pals. Ultimate snap moment: when she snapped boyfriend Zayn Malik giggling away, confirming the two were an item. LOVE! Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.59.08 PM 6. Chrissy Teigen Username: chrissyteigen What she snaps: her AMAZING food creations that we so often see on Instagram, her beautiful bulldogs, and currently, a look at what it's like to be pregnant in Hollywood. Ultimate snap moment: her use of the snapchat filters. Especially when she's puking rainbows, and becoming a purring cat. Can we be friends yet? miley 7. Miley Cyrus Username: mileycyrus What she snaps: what only Miley could. A whole lotta tongue, questionable selfies, and a look into the life of the party-girl lifestyle. Ultimate snap moment: all of them. You never know what to expect, and that's the fun of it. nicole richie 8. Nicole Richie Username: itsnikkifresh What she snaps: basically a short version of her show Candidly Nicole. Expect lots of laughs, and a constant update of her ever-changing hair colour. Ultimate snap moment: any behind the scenes looks into Candidly Nicole. This girl is funny, trust us. Hailey-Baldwin 9. Hailey Baldwin Username: haileybisboring What she snaps: moments with friends Kendall, Bella and Gigi as they take on the modelling world. One thing's for sure - her Snapstory is never boring as her name may suggest. Ultimate snap moment: her starring role in Kylie's Snapchat movie - Hailey's acting efforts ensured she lived up to the Baldwin name. rihanna 10. Rihanna Username: rihanna What she snaps: late night snack runs, lots of drinking, laughing and dancing - pretty much every reason why we want her as our friend. Ultimate snap moment: when she snapped herself sitting on the toilet. Only RiRi could do this while still looking fabulous. Images from nylon.com, popsugar.com