The world's first rainforest hotel

Dubai never ceases to amaze with their beautiful and extravagant architecture, but 2018 will see the creation of a new luxury hotel sure to blow everything else out of the water!

Designed by ZAS Architecture and managed by Hilton Worldwide, The Rosemont Five Star Hotel will have two 47-story towers, 450 rooms, and will cost around $300 million to build.

That $300 million is being put to good use, The Rosemont will have next level facilities - we're talking everything you could ever need in a hotel! You’d think a relaxing spa, health club, multiple fine dining restaurants, bowling alley, and a trampoline park would be enough, but it doesn’t stop there!

Think bigger, better and crazier. This magnificent hotel will include an infinity sky pool looking over the entire desert city, a luxury top-floor cinema, a sky lobby on the 26th floor, a giant aquarium, and perhaps the most impressive, a man-made indoor rainforest with mist-spraying trees, fish-filled streams and exotic plants.

And just to make the experience even more insane, there has been talk from Zas Architects of robotic luggage handlers. 

Time to set up that savings account!

The Rosemont Hotel DubaiThe Rosemont Hotel DubaiRF3The Rosemont Hotel DubaiThe Rosemont Hotel DubaiThe Rosemont Hotel Dubai

The Rosemont Hotel Dubai