The one thing your barbeque has been missing

A good ol’ kiwi barbeque needs no introduction – slap a few pieces of steak, some snarlers, and skewers on a searing hot grill and you’re away laughing. But how do you elevate the traditional barbie to being dinner party worthy? Bruschetta! No, we're not kidding; believe it or not this ‘90s classic is making a comeback in a major way.

With tomatoes as the hero ingredient of any good bruschetta recipe, we looked to the new Y.E.L.O® range from Beekist® to add a splash of colour to these culinary creations. Packed while still on the vine, these midsized Y.E.L.O® tomatoes are full of Vitamin C, while remaining low in acidity, a bonus for your digestive system.

Remix food editor Lauren Matthews shares three fresh takes on bruschetta that pack a serious flavour punch, using delightfully flavoursome Beekist® Y.E.L.O® tomatoes - reinvented just in time for summer.

Toast your favourite bread with a little bit of oil and a dusting of paprika in a grill pan until golden. Top with Beekist® Y.E.L.O® tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, a squeeze of lime juice, fresh coriander, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper. These vibrant yellow jewels are perfectly sweet, so contrast well with the bold accompanying flavours.

Toast bread with oil in a grill pan until golden. Slice the Beekist® Y.E.L.O tomatoes into quarters and top with grilled watermelon, goats cheese and mint. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season well.

Toast bread with oil in a grill pan until golden. Using Y.E.L.O® tomatoes from the Beekist® range, slice thinly and layer on the grilled bread. In a dry fry pan combine half a teaspoon of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and chilli flakes and toast until fragrant. Transfer to a mortar and pestle and crush well with sea salt and black pepper. Sprinkle over tomatoes to serve. The Y.E.L.O® range is impressive on the eye with the not-so-common appearance, and pairs perfectly with the earthy spices.

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Photography by Kendal Mustard