The Land Rover NZ Polo Open is back!

Want to go? Tickets are still available here

Ponies, skilled players, Champagne, and an alignment of Land Rover’s latest and greatest fleet are what awaits you this Saturday 23rd of February at this year’s Land Rover NZ Polo Open.

Known to be a spectacle of glamour and grandeur, this year is looking to be no different. It’s easy to do it, but it’s important not to forget that there is a competition going on, with some of the worlds most skilled polo players in attendance...and horsies!


If you want to be knowledgeable on the sideline, here’s some of the basic polo lingo you should know, courtesy of Land Rover:

  • Goal - A goal is scored when a player hits the ball between two end posts. Like a (American) football field goal, even if the ball goes higher than the posts, as long as it's crosses the goal line between them, a goal is awarded.
  • Chukka - A chukka is a period of play - the match we attended consisted of four chukkas, each seven minutes in length, separated by a halftime. Other matches can have six chukkas, or periods.

  • Mallet - A mallet is a stick a player uses to hit the ball. The handle is made from bamboo (which provides a bit of give) and the head is solid wood. All polo players hold the mallet in their right hand, as it's the rule of the game - who knew?

  • Stomping the Divots - Divots are chunks of grass that are kicked up by the horses' hooves as they're running during the match. At halftime, spectators are invited onto the field to 'stomp the divots,' or put the grass back into place. It's a fun chance to be on the field and mingle!

  • Pitch - The grass field on which the match is played is known as the pitch - at each end are goal posts and the field is usually 300 yards long.



If you want a lovely trip to the countryside buy tickets here.