Ride through summer on a Rollfixies bike

Forget sitting in traffic in the sweltering hot sun, riding a fixie is by far one of the chicest – not to mention, quickest – ways to get around town. Founded in Mount Maunganui in 2017, Rollfixies creates simple yet fashionable bikes, offering a healthier, more environmentally-friendly way to see our cities and towns. 

With a focus on style, simplicity and functionality, Rollfixies have developed a collection of bikes you’d be proud to be seen on. The X-Series comes in five different styles of varying colours. Whether you’re intending to just nip down the road for brunch on the weekend or you plan to beat the long commute to and from your office, Rollfixies has a bike to suit every cyclist. 

Worried about getting up and down those rolling Auckland hills on a fixie? Don’t be! Rollfixies have a ‘flip-flop’ rear wheel that lets you ride your bike either as a single speed or as a fixed gear. The single speed setting will ensure that your fixie rides just like any other bike you’ve ridden before, allowing you to coast when you’re just cruising or going downhill.

The fixed gear setting gives you full control over the rear wheel meaning you can even pull off awesome skids, tricks and riding backwards if you feel that way inclined! Just remember, fixed speed means you’ll only ever go the one speed and will be constantly pedalling – a fantastic workout if you ask us! Regardless of whether you’re riding in fixed gear or single speed, rest assured knowing Rollfixie bikes all have front and rear brakes to slow you down when you’re out cruising the hills. 

As much as we love cruising the streets on a fixie, we’ve all been faced with the dilemma of what to do with our groceries or drinks when we stop at the shops en route to a BBQ or party. Well, Rollfixies has a solution to this common problem – the Happy Biking 6-pack holder. Sitting over the frame of your bike without obstructing any movement, this drinks holder is the perfect summer cycling accessory. Just remember – don’t drink and ride! 

To check out the range of Rollfixies, including the X-Series and the handy Happy Biking 6-pack holder,  head over to the Rollfixies website, here.