The restaurant taking dining to a whole new height

The world really does have many unique dining experiences, but the latest restaurant concept from Big Foot Developers takes waterfront and elevated dining to a whole new height (literally). Looking over the Hudson River and spying on the Manhattan skyline, The Floating Restaurant will be suspended 60 metres above one of New York's historic landmarks - the Glenwood power plant. 

The power plant has been abandoned since 1963 however, in recent years the new owners have been working towards its rebirth as an arts-centred events complex. NY-based developers, Big Foot, proposed the restaurant design in September this year with hopes that it would aid, in what they call, the 'historic rehab' of the Yonkers landmark. 

Held up by steel tension cables connected to the historic power plant and encased in glass, the restaurant is a blend of old and new architecture. The design also aims to combine nature and architecture with plans showing a living greenery feature wall situated in the middle of the restaurant. Talk about innovative! 

Image from Business Insider

Housing only eleven tables and measuring around thirteen metres, the small cube-shaped restaurant would attract a long reservation list with its exclusive dining experience. The developers have labelled the restaurant as a 'glass jewel above the water' and is set to be a future icon of New York City. With all-glass walls, diners will be treated to a spectacular 360-degree view of the city that never sleeps while dining in the evening sky. Sounds dreamy, right?

While the breathtaking design is still only in conceptual stages, there is no denying that if it does come to fruition this dining experience will not only be high above the Hudson but will also be high on our bucket list. 

Images from Business Insider