Office envy: Apple's new headquarters

It's been six years and billions of dollars in the making, but 14,000 Apple employees are finally about to receive their dream office situation.

An enormous, circular, neo-futuristic headquarters built within Apple Park in Cupertino, California is due to open to employees in April - and it's nothing short of wow. Employees will be able to train in a one-hectare fitness facility, wander orchards and meadows filled with 9000 trees, jog a 1.6 kilometre running track or chill out pond-side - all without leaving work.

The headquarters also boast an underground auditorium (named after the late Steve Jobs) and secure, state of the art research and development facilities. 1000 bikes will be available to help employees get around the vast space. 

On the exterior of the building 3,000 glass panels are being installed - and they are the largest curved glass panels in the world. The roof is also laden with the largest solar panel installations in the world, helping to power the headquarters with entirely renewable energy. 

And don't you fret - the doors won't just be open to employees. In 2011, Steve Jobs expressed hope that the new headquarters would attract visitors such as architecture students.  There will also be a visitor centre, cafe and Apple store with exclusive products.