Enjoy laps of luxury in the new Lexus IS

After a stellar summer in New Zealand rediscovering our own backyard, Kiwis have fallen in love again with the diverse landscapes that are simply, enchanting. With road trips in full swing near and wide, vibrant blue and green hues have been saturating social feeds on the daily. But, what is a roadie without a great car? It’s no secret that long drives are made that much better with a car that is made to hug the road and designed for ultimate usability and comfort.

Lexus car

The Lexus IS is now onto its third generation of models with the release of the 2021 range. The new IS line-up delivers a new level of luxury as standard in addition to a core focus on brave design, imaginative technology and leading driving dynamics. New qualities include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the Lexus Safety System+ (with features that help alleviate diver fatigue), larger 19” alloy wheels and a blade light bar that generates a continuous line of illumination. The bold new exterior styling of the 2021 IS not only aims for a provocative design, but it's athletic silhouette also signifies the agile changes that have taken place under the hood. 

Lexus car action

Lexus engineers focused on the driving dynamics and improving driving performance for the 2021 Lexus IS while the designers reworked the overall profile of the car to create a suave, sports sedan that is set back on its broad haunches with wider tyres ready to be launched. This work made it the dream car to drive around the stunning scenic routes of New Zealand. 

lexus cars

Remix’s Jono was lucky enough to be hosted at Lexus’ IS media Experience Amazing drive expedition over two days, driving the new Lexus IS range whose sports features make road trips unforgettable. The newly refreshed range offers both sport and performance grade cars which deliver a new level of luxury in addition to a core focus on brave design, imaginative technology and leading driving dynamics. 

During a road trip to the stunning Kinloch, the winding hills were no match for the IS350’s improved driving dynamics and overall experience; “The smooth handling made the IS a dream on the open road,” said Jono.However, the crescendo of the experience was a day on the race track for an adrenaline-inducing experience at Hampton Downs.


Arriving at the track, guests were able to take the cars around the track with a professional racecar driver by their side and go for an exhilarating hot lap with the pros behind the wheel. Jono said this was his favourite part of the trip as he was able to take the full range of Lexus performance vehicles around the track with the racecar drivers reaching speeds of up to 200km/h.

lexus on the racetrack

This was the ultimate road trip experience celebrating Lexus’ passion for brave design and imaginative technology to give an unparalleled level of luxury.  A truly unforgettable experience, in a truly unforgettable car.