Remix's 5 Tips To Avoid The Winter Chills This Season

Staying well in winter goes beyond just warding off the common cold; it’s about embracing holistic wellbeing. To help you navigate the trends that will dominate winter 2024, we’ve compiled a list of the top wellness tips and tricks to keep an eye on.

Contrast Therapy

Right now contrast therapy is the modality on everyone’s lips, but in fact the practice has been around for centuries. The Finnish were among the first to actively use hot and cold contrast therapy as part of their bathing ritual, when after spending time in a hot sauna, bathers would leave the cabin, sweating profusely and take a “roll in the snow”. Now there are infrared saunas and ice baths to take advantage of if you don’t happen to be midway through a Scandinavian winter, with contrast therapy rooms offered at wellness destinations like Grey Lynn’s Hana (who have recently opened a second location in Parnell), Ponsonby fitness space Sala, Takapuna’s Slöwe Studio and Nadi in Queenstown. The modern spin on the age-old Nordic fire and ice ritual ignites heat-shock and cold-shock proteins in your body, which works wonders for body and mind and leads to a natural mood lift. Plus, the hot-to-cold transition sparks thermogenesis in your brown fat stores, aiding in the metabolism of stubborn fat, reducing inflammation and aiding recovery. Individually, these treatments offer a list of remarkable benefits, but together, they’re a powerhouse, supercharging your wellbeing for a longer, healthier life

Load up on immunity boosting foods

Infection busting is the name of the game in nutrition over the colder months, so ward off the seasonal bugs with a diet rich in immunity boosting foods. Stock up on antioxidants, which means loads of fruit and veg — the more colours the better — and be sure to get a daily dose of vitamin D (if you aren’t getting enough sun on your skin, invest in a quality supplement). Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates (the brown carbs) for optimum energy — like mixed grains, pulses, quinoa and beans — and try to get your fix of adaptogens, namely ginger, turmeric and echinacea which help relieve stress by controlling the production of stress hormones. Lower stress means better immune function, so it’s a win-win.

Get on your (smart) bike

Even if it’s pouring down outside, get your heart rate up by jumping on a Technogym Ride. The first all-in-one bike with integrated display for personalised training with your favourite apps as well as on-demand trainers and outdoor tracks, it delivers everything you need to train how you want. Maximise your performance without trainers by diving into the action with a variety of power and uphill rides, or take the virtual routes challenge and pedal away on dozens of real routes using all the gears of the Technogym ride. The pedal feel is responsive and natural so the climbs you chase on the screen become reality on your feet, for the ride of your life without leaving the comfort of home.

Spice up your facial

Saint Beauty, an advanced skin and beauty salon nestled in the heart of Saint Heliers Bay Village, Auckland, is now offering iS Clinical facials – including the standout world-renowned Fire & Ice Facial, also known as the ‘Red Carpet Facial’. This legendary treatment has been the go-to for A-listers like Selena Gomez, Suki Waterhouse, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Remix cover star Jessica Alba, with amazing benefits and no downtime. In a nutshell, the Fire & Ice Facial is a 60-minute clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening, and encouraging cellular renewal. The fire component consists of a heating glycolic peel, followed by the ice component, a rejuvenating masque with hyaluronic acid and aloe, massaged with cooling ice globes. There is also an LED light component involved, the perfect solution for Seasonal Affective Disorder and delivering a glow up right when you need it.

Embrace Hygge and switch off

Hygge, the Danish concept of cosy contentment, continues to influence wellness trends in 2024 and is the perfect vibe to adopt for winter. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with soft blankets and elevated scented candles, then embrace the simplicity of life and spend quality time with loved ones, relishing in the comfort and warmth of your surroundings. With the days getting shorter, it’s also the perfect time to embrace digital detoxes and screen-free evenings. Disconnect from your devices and indulge in activities like simply picking up a great book, playing a board game, or mindfully sipping a glass of Pinot Noir by the fireplace. This break from screens can improve sleep quality, reduce stress and promote a sense of mindfulness.