Rekorderlig’s Strawberry-Mango Daisy is this Spring’s go-to drink

Whether it’s that much-deserved drink after a long day at the office, or the weekend’s cheeky pick-me-up, Rekorderlig has you sorted with their premium Swedish cider.

Yearning for something refreshingly different? Rekorderlig has shared with us a mouth-watering recipe that adds a modern and exuberant twist to the classic bevvy.

Be your own bartender and whip up a Swedish creation of Rekorderlig’s Strawberry-Mango Daisy.  It is as fresh as it sounds, using a citrusy blend of vodka, orange and lemon with the brands much-loved Strawberry-Mango cider.  Yes please and keep them coming!

Throwing it back to the 19th century, the ‘Daisy’ was traditionally made with either brandy or whiskey, but this drink delivers a modern variation that you will be sure to love.

Here’s how to create the perfect pitcher serve:

45ml of your favourite Vodka

45ml of Triple Sec

90ml of fresh lemon juice

2x 500ml bottles of the yummy Rekorderlig Strawberry-Mango Cider

Add orange slices to garnish

Add the vodka, triple sec, and lemon juice to a glass or pitcher.  Half fill the pitcher or glass with ice and stir all the juicy ingredients together. Add a little bit more ice before the Rekorderlig Mango-Strawberry Cider and top it off with a couple of orange slices. Voila, drinks are up!

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