Who knew a heartbreak museum existed?!

If you were one of the lucky, newly-single souls who managed to survive Valentine’s Day without drowning yourself in cheap Pinot Noir and Ben & Jerry’s, congratulations.

Heartbreak, as we know, is never easy, especially during the dreaded February 14. However, the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles, allows us to transform our heartbreak into something a little more poetic.

Most of us rush to erase any evidence of the previous happiness or painful experiences in our last relationship, but the Museum of Broken Relationships encourages us to donate these items of remembrance, to them.

All items are donated anonymously and the exhibits in LA embody an emotive collection of heartbreak from around the world.

Found throughout the museum are items such as mixed tapes tailored to loved ones, promise rings, garments of clothing including lingerie and wedding attire, and even an iron; 'This iron was used to iron my wedding suit. Now it’s the only thing left.'


What you come away with from visiting this museum physically, through their website,  Instagram or even by donating items yourself, is the reassurance that you are not alone during your heartbreak, even if your Instagram feed on Valentine’s day begged to differ.

Image credits: The Independent